Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thankful Thursday ~ Nature Bats Last

Today I am thankful for a three day getaway with my husband.  Also thankful that I haven't gotten this awful flu that is so bad right now.  I think I wash my hands about ten times a day!  I hope you all are well.  It looks like winter has finally decided to arrive so here we go with the cold, dreary days, but I'm hoping the sun shines for most of them.  My granddaughter is safely back at college and the others are back to school.  Christmas was different this year, but in the after all, I am blessed...and thankful for my family.   The above instagram photo was taken last week during a walk in the park with my husband.  Something we are going to have to do more of even if the weather disagrees.  I've shown this truck before from the front- with trees growing out of the motor.  

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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Outside my Window & Happy New Year

Well, the gang's all here, but where are the vittles? 

Beautiful sunset on Christmas night

Not much going on here, so I will be back after the projects planned and a strange winter cleaning bug has hit me, but also new health issues and  I feel like Scarlett O'Hara- oh bother, I'll just worry about that tomorrow.  

I wish you all a Happy New Year and a safe weekend ahead to get to it.  

*please excuse the website changes- I can't seem to get back to my original one that was perfectly fine until I started messing with it.  Hopefully, I can get that fixed soon.  

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Away in a Manger

Merry Christmas (Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa) to all my blogging friends. 
I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday season.
Thank you for all the support, prayers & blessings I have received
this year.  I have been touched by each and every one. 

(live nativity at a local church)

Thursday, December 14, 2017


The final countdown to Christmas begins and I am thankful to finally have everything bought and wrapped and under the tree...a first for me to be finished this early. 
I'm glad to have this extra time to relax and just be... 

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Randoms December 8

{dense} fog, which adds little to zero moisture to our poor pond.  If I want to know how dry it is, I only have to look out my {window}, and watch my pond shrink down to half of it's normal size.  I hate to use the word drought, but drought it is. 

Reindeer lichen
I'm declaring this the prettiest fungi I have ever seen. 

Snow covered mountains? Colorado, Wyoming? I wish! big sigh  
Just rolling clouds.  Outside my window.
Thankful Thursday
Just thankful to still be alive after being the target of road rage for the first time ever.  I've seen it and heard stories about it, but I actually was caught in the middle of it last week and let me tell you- it's scary.  I've never seen anyone act so childish (stopping dead in the road, flipping me off through the top window of his car, refusing to move while cars are flying up behind me and I had no where to go, almost clipping the front of my car as he flew around me).  I thought to myself so this is road rage. Then I thought- what did I do to cause this? 

Controlling my reaction was tough, and I could see how easily people get involved in these things.   I did call his tag number in and took a photo of his license.  I don't think anything happened to him, which further aggravated me that he got away with it all.  But I wondered- who peed in your Kool-aid today mister?  Are you on crack?  Are you just a miserable person who thinks you own the road?  And then I calmed down and got off that road to take a new route home.  Life's too short.  All I can say is what goes around, comes around.  And if that don't get him, there's always a higher power he'll have to answer to.  

I'll close this week's Randoms with a shot of poor Rocky, who was ambushed by my youngest granddaughter. 

That's one way to keep him from eating his bed
Surprisingly, he loves it!  
Merry Christmas, Rocky!
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Randomly with Tanya

A fellow blogger, Kim Klassen,  is asking for prayers for her husband.  Please stop by her blog and leave a message of support. You can find her here, if you are not already a friend of her blog.   

Monday, December 4, 2017

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

...outside my window

beautiful sunrises


happy 40th birthday to my daughter
she has the sweetest soul
this was taken around 1979 
and that's my papa ( her great grandfather) she's stealing sugars from
I miss him

....out in the barn

Hmm, someone's getting a little
 chunky around the waist. 

...under the tree

Katie has found her spot

...the back forty

Little Man giving me the stink eye because I had no treats. 
 Dakota wasn't too happy with me either. 
It's been a sad two years- we've lost Ticker, Grady and Jack.  
Dakota and Little Man are the lone rangers now, and 
both getting long in the tooth. 
Dakota is now the leader of the herd, 
but Little Man is a stinker so I expect him 
to try to take over soon.  
You can read more about him here
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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Random Thoughts and Photographs

I saw this at the lake and  just stood there staring at it. I love it!   It seems old and forgotten at first glance, but maybe not. The details are amazing. 

On my way to the grocery store (my least favorite place in the world), I drove by the pond at the wildlife preserve and had to back up to see what this was (because I am blind and need my camera to zoom my eyes in).  Isn't he a beaut? 

Well, shoot!  Busted! 

Ok, squint your left eye and  tilt your head.  Do you see Tinkerbell's legs and feet and wings?  I know you do, right?  Her head is buried in the clouds- she was probably gathering fairy dust. 

Thanksgiving was wonderful and sad, all at the same time.  I missed my mother terribly, and it was hard to smile and act happy when I just wanted to cry. But it was a good day and I am thankful for my family.  Everyone tells me that all the "firsts" are hard. 
 I'd post a photo of all the leftovers in my fridge, but I imagine you all can just open your own fridge and see the same thing! 
For my Canadian friends- you have probably eaten all of your leftovers, but you remember, I am sure! 

I hope everyone had a good week.  I don't do Black Friday, but I am trying to get started on my Christmas list, (and of course the tree is up...this is Katie's favorite time of year, too!) 

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Randoms ~ November 10, 2017

>and so it went<

Above shot from our trip to Lake DeGray for the cousin reunion.

Last Sunday morning, we had church on the front porch because the entire building was full of wasps. This warm weather is fooling around with them...Do we hide, or do we play?    Actually, the fresh air added to the sermon, and it ended up being a really nice service.  It made me think about the old days of brush arbors and what that must have been like. 
Nothing like singing Amazing Grace to the cows across the way.  I'm sure they got a blessing.  I know I did. 

Just another shot of the moon

the Beaver Moon

This butterfly fits right in with the fall colors

Some folks just like their buns burnt. In the background, the kids were playing dodgeball with the baggo set.    All in all, a pretty nice week..if you ignore the two dreary days of rain and the above average temps.)  

Fingers crossed, summer has finally gone to sleep. 

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Plenty of room for everyone, but please get your foot out of my eye, if you don't mind. 
Quite the non-human crowd on Lake DeGray  :)

Today I am thankful for what appears to be a little cooperation from our leaders, but whether for the good or not is yet to be seen.  I'm thankful for my daughter who tries so hard to be there for everyone.  I'm thankful for last night's dream, which I realized this morning was not a dream, but a memory of a rainy afternoon with my mother. 

John 16:33

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Puddle Jumpers

The drought is affecting everyone and every creature- these birds were walking in a shallow slough that usually is more pond-like than puddly.  I thought duck, but I searched google and bird sites and the sharp beak is a big hmmm.  So, if anyone knows, leave the name in comments, please. (Thank you Anni for the name: Common Gallinule) I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate each and every one of you- please  leave a comment to let me know you were here- even a simple smily face if you don't feel like typing! 

Thankful today for renewed peace in my heart, for all the helpers in the world who run towards danger instead of away from it, for cat purrs and nose bops from my Katie, and for my grands who rule my world, and for my husband who is my sanctuary. 

Thankful Thursday ~ Nature Bats Last

#momentintime “But make no mistake, the weeds will win; #nature bats last.” #robertmichaelpyle #quotes #abandonedarkansas #arkansasph...