Just Put Your Lips Together and Blow

EGADS, someone help me out of here. 
Honey, I know you're in there laughing at me, 
 but this isn't funny anymore.  HELLO!

sharing with ABC Wednesday- E, Outdoor Wednesday, The Bird D'Pot, Wild Bird Wednesday, and missing Teresa's Whistlers! 

Still Waters

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Watery Wednesday, Black & White Wednesday

Thankful that I can still bend at the knees...HA HA  (even though Mark had to help me back up!)  and get down close enough to the ground to try out something new I saw on Pinterest or Facebook or somewhere...(still working on that memory thing). 
Not bad for a first go! 

Also thankful for cooler weather and the sheer joy of making vacation plans again. Now, where to go?  

Thankful Thursday & Random Friday ~ July 28

Thankful for the blessing of time, because it heals all wounds.  Thankful for opportunities that I haven't ignored, and especially thankful for my daughter, who is my best friend.  Nature is the balm for all that ails you if you seek the beauty in every living thing. 

Have a great Thursday to all my blogging friends! 

 Thankful Thursday with Michelle 

Randomly with Tanya

Today I am truly ashamed of my government leaders. 

Finally finished all five seasons of Longmire- patiently waiting for the last season to hit Netflix. 

My granddaughter is counting the days until she goes off to college.  I've been sending up extra prayers. 

I've been hoping that Whole Foods would open a store near where I live.  Seems Amazon is going to buy the franchise.. next best thing I guess, but then again...Amazon is getting a little too big for their britches...and I wonder how many brick and mortar stores are closing because of them. 

Look at this face: 

Seriously, what a cute mug! 

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