Outside my Window April 26

Moment in Time 
12:04 p.m. 

I heard him singing - loud and so pretty. He wouldn't pose for me, of course, but I took his picture anyway. If this is a tanager it is probably the second one I have ever seen. 

This has been the most surreal yet wonderful day, even though I haven't felt well. My mom got good news yesterday about her cancer, and so today I am blissfully happy. :)

Randoms April 22

The storms have blown through for now.  It's {{quiet}} and I say,
Rain, rain, go away

sharing with Today's Flowers
Amaryllis- replanted here, from my mom's house
!!finally!! bloomed

{{week's favorite}}
Can you get any cuter than to be a little piggie with big ears and a curly tail?

My garden gnomes..{{at rest}}, waiting patiently for me to remember to do a little touch up painting.  


Cormorants, on my pond- just dropping in for a visit. 
Noisy, aren't they?! 

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