It's a Still Life

August 11, 7:33 p.m. 

The river was up and running fast, 
flooding waters, flowing up onto the banks
scaring critters and surprising snakes 
caught in the fast lane
their world turned upside down
until the waters recede
or dry land safely reached. . 

Just past the trees
out of the shadows
 the river 
speeds by 
with delightful abandon
but near the shore
the water is silent 
and still, reflecting
those lucky enough to 
be rooted
and not alarmed

Turtles bob up and down 
as they play in the calm; 
spiders and water bugs 
skitter across the water
not caring that 
on the other side of the trees 
their neighbors 
were being washed away
in a  roller coaster ride

And maybe some,
 flying by... 
are thinking
how sad
that those in the calm
aren't enjoying the ride