More Sight C-ing: Mystic Caverns

I noticed this Cask on the back porch where we waited for our cave tour at Mystic Caverns  to start.
 I  love how they re-purposed the old bucket & the turtle is so cute sitting on the edge. 

Inside the Cavern
Lots of Cool history-a dance hall and moonshine stills,
Crowds of folks having all kinds of definitely illegal fun back in prohibition days. The only way in and out was by  ladder!. Can you just imagine all the tipsy folks trying to get out of there after the party?

 Our grandkids really enjoyed both the dome and the cavern.  My favorite part is when they turn out all the lights at the end.  It brings new meaning to the word dark.

Click link if you want to read a bit more about the attraction.
Mystic Caverns & Crystal Dome
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