Room Without a Roof

Sunset, 9/13/2016 7 pm

{mist, morning}
Sunrise, 9/11/2016 7 am

I wouldn't call it work so much as something I really enjoy doing.
But it is time-consuming, so I'm cheating on this one,(just a bit) for Friday's Hunt.  I know Teresa won't mind.  She's cool like that.

408 {memorials} added in two cemeteries
I still have to go back and take photos
of the {markers}

{fenced} in swimming area

birds don't care- they'll swim anywhere
just for my dear blogging friend Sandra @ Mad Snapper

Did you miss International Talk like a pirate day?

The news is dripping with sarcasm, hate, anger and meanness. 
I see other bloggers are doing this, so I'm joining in. 

Happy X 3

We don't get a good cell signal in our home anymore...most likely because of the metal roof we installed after the shingled roof was damaged in a storm a couple of years ago. 
I called AT & T this morning and she gave us a solution- using our home wi-fi and that is working great so far.  So yay for customer service and for friendly reps. 

Mark had his one year check up with his heart doctor and he gave him a great report. 

I love the new Cigna {TV Doctors) commercial.  Watch it here  if you haven't seen it.  Also, the Forever Country video- Love, love love it! 

I challenge you now- tell me three things that have made you happy this week!

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