Crows Abound

Nothing exciting going on in this shot- I just liked the composition.  I was watching the crows  behind this section of the fence.  They are well-hidden in that tall grass.  You can barely make out one in the upper right corner.  
These two were grooming each other- that,
or just picking on each other out of boredom.  :)
Crows are actually pretty amazing-
 here are some interesting facts about them.

Good Fences

Rubbish Tuesday ~ Fisherman's Paradise

From the rusty bridge to the bent tin on the roof...the blue floater barrels to the weeds growing out of the water and into the boat...this just shouts outdoor man cave to bout y'all?  The more I zoom in on the details, the more curious I get.  I love it! 

Rubbish Tuesday

Mosaic Monday ~ Best Friends

These two buddies hang out by my church's food pantry and they are so cute together.  Look at that little guy's face!  I don't know their names, but I've decided to call them Mutt and Jeff.

For those who asked- the PI is almost gone.  I've learned my lesson and will not be attacking any more fence rows. 

sharing with Mosaic Monday  at it's new home ~ with Judith @ Lavender Cottage

A Great Big Shot in the Rear

Sundown  for Tex @ Good Fences 

             ABC Wednesday- "I" is for Poison IVY- the one thing in all my life I have never experienced, until this week.  Now I know the agony, the itchy, awful, horrible thing that is urushiol oil, and the wonderful, blissful, sublime...oh heavenly relief that is AKA as Kenalog.  

My arm- Day 5