Monday Blues for Skywatch Friday

These storm clouds rolled in Monday morning.  They were amazing to see, and thankfully were all talk and no action.  
I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. 

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Tombstones & Turkeys

I spent last Saturday afternoon in a nearby cemetery, armed with my camera and a long list of names..hoping to get as many tombstone photographs as I could.  

I've been here many times, not only to take photos for findagrave, but also because my great grandparents and my 2 greats grandparents, along with numerous cousins, are buried here.  

This interesting **stone wasn't on my list, but at that particular moment, I was bent over, trying to make out the letters and dates, and then, out of the bushes behind me came the loudest crash!  

Scared me to death.  All I could think was thank goodness I had my cell phone..maybe I could call someone to come rescue me from whatever creature was coming out of the woods after me. 
Then I thought...forget the cell phone, I can run!  But just then, I saw the noise maker- the ugliest giant bird waddling with a purpose on down the fence line.  I didn't know what he was about, but I watched him until he left the cemetery...(just in case).   :) I'm pretty sure I scared him more than he scared me.  NOT.  Then I just felt silly for being scared in the first place.  I've become such a wimp in my old age.  

So now, I can cross wild turkey off my list of birds I have never seen before except on the computer or tv.  I had no idea they were so HUGE and did I say UGLY?? 

If you're curious  about the markings on the tombstone, **This is what it looked like 4 years ago  I'm sure that time and weather played a huge role in the erosion of this tombstone, but I would also think that the baby? powder might have had something to do with it. 

I have seen the damage that shaving cream and baby powder will do to a stone..especially when it is left on the stone and it leeches into it.  There are many websites that discuss how to be safe with the old stones & newer stones also, for that matter. 

  I prefer rubbings if I can't make out the words or dates.  It's the one method that generally always works.  Bring a roll of foil or plain white paper and several dull pencils or black art crayons. Always better to be safe than to hasten the erosion of a marker, because when the letters fade, odds are that no one will know who lies beneath.  

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