Randoms ~ May 12, Mother's Day Edition


Thankful to be feeling better. 
I've been ill for almost a week, and I am so glad to be back to my normal self again. 
But I am dragging my feet, and slightly envious of this little guy . 

{Redtailed} Hawk, about 50 feet too far for my camera to capture his beauty. 
ABC Wednesday ~ R is for  Redtailed

A new family,with mom introducing the babies to the safer areas of the lake. 

"Excuse me, are you paying attention?  I need two dragonflies and a couple of mosquito hawks. Stop gawking at the neighbors, please, and get busy! "

{week's fav}
And last, but not least, Happy Mother's Day to my mama
She's been through a lot and is still fighting. 
Love you MOM!! 

HAppy Mother's Day to all my blogging friends, whether your children are humans or furbabies.  Have a  special day on Sunday!

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