Fenced in the Shade

You shall not pass 

This is what happens when the inside of your car is 70 degrees and you roll down the window to 100 degree, steamy, humid, mucky air. Either that, or my camera is just acting a fool, like it tends to do sometimes. LOL! 

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Same thing happened here, (just around the curve from gate) only I sharpened it up just a bit at ipiccy. Still..don't stare at it too long..it will make your eyes cross. LOL! 

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 ABC Wednesday ~ C is for cows &
Wordless Wednesday
Around here lately...
Mark is doing well, and hasn't had too many problems. But, I am so thankful that my daughter is a nurse.  I fret, she comes over, checks out her dad, and it all seems better. I know she is scared about this too, but somehow, just having her here to explain this, that or the other calms my soul. 

Leaving you with a favorite quote..... 

Don't dig up in doubt what you have planted in faith. 
Elisabeth Elliot

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Have a blessed week!