Randoms ~ August 19

Random randoms from the last week or so:

I have one and a half Texas Sage bushes left...the whole one bloomed for me after a week of rain here.  I got a photo before the bees even discovered the blooms.  This is not a great shot, but I like it for some odd reason.

Remember the beautiful flags my father placed at the cemetery?  Someone stole one of them before he could come back and pick them up after the 4th.  Sometimes all you can do is just shake your head. No rhyme, no reason. Just meanness.  Pure D meanness.  

Oh, I do not like it!  Not one little bit! said Dr Seuss and myself to myself this morning.  The more I walk, the more my leg hurts.  The more I stay off it, the weaker I get and the less I can walk.  It's a conundrum I tell you!

Two weeks of vacation are on the horizon...and I can't think of a single place to go. But go we will, by gollies.  I just have to figure out where!  

I leave you with a fence & a few random sparrows, and I am sure they would take offence at me calling them......random.

That's me on the top, far right.  :) That's how I look hobbling and wobbling around here lately.

sharing randomly with Tanya

Still Standing

I guess a good strong wind came along and blew the roof tin off! 
sharing with the barn collective today,
my daughter captured this one