Water, Water, Everywhere

{pastel} clouds behind the martin gourds


If only my balance was this good

Morning dew on the zinnias

Just two gators, passing on by

Hello happy Egret! 
This is more my speed.  The gators creep me out. 

Thankful Thursday~ 
Thankful today for time to add more happiness between the dashes of my life, for memories that still sting, for prayers that are heard, for hugs with my dad, for tears that break my heart but also cleanse my soul, for photos and songs  and for my family. 

 Thankful Thursday with Michelle  ~ Friday's Hunt ~Starts with w, pastel, and favorite, Randomly,  Eileen's Saturday's Critters , Camera Critters

Randoms ~ June 2

This {week's favorite} quote

A drone fly-by (fly-over) (invasion of privacy) (black helicopter) (LOL) during my granddaughter's graduation. I've never been droned before. 

My {view} of the moon June 1.
Kind of a cheat- but don't those crators look {inches} deep? 


Buzzing with the Bees
The lawnmower did not bother him a bit,
he just kept on about his business and I left him alone.

Two birthdays in one! Mine and my Neice.  Bittersweet day, but the kids brightened my spirits.
Love my grands and my neices and nephews.

...and how was your week?

 Friday's Hunt {letter v, inch & week's fav}, & randomly with Tanya Nature Notes

The Burger Bun Burglar

Seen at a local Sonic

I guess he wanted a little peace and quiet while he ate his hamburger.  Two of his mates got away before we could get the camera turned on and aimed at them. 

*Dear blogger friends- Mama passed peacefully in her sleep last Monday evening. Thank you so very much for all of your condolences and prayers on facebook. Each and every one of you were a blessing to me.*
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