It Was a Rock-em, Sock-em Christmas

A Christmas from my Past
Goose Bay AFB,  Labrador, Canada 

I'm taking a short holiday blogging break, so...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 

Blessings to you and yours! 

Sentimental Sunday ~ Church in the Wild Woods

Buffalo Baptist Church & Cemetery 

clipping from Elijah Barnett Hopper

My connection to this church

Charles and Barbara Sarratt Hopper were my 4 greats grandparents.  Their son, Charles G. Hopper was my 3 greats grandfather, and he married Mary Wilson, a daughter of Elijah and Mary O'Neal Wilson. Charles died during the civil war in Winchester, Virgina, and his wife remarried and moved first to Dyer County, Tennessee, where their two daughters met and married into my Barrett family, and shortly after the Hopper girls and their mother all followed the Barretts to Arkansas.  

This is the church that the Hopper and Sarratt families attended and the cemetery behind is where many of my kin from both families are buried, including Charles and Barbara & their son Charles..all passing between 1861-1863.  

 I hope one day to visit the church that was home to my ancestors and the grounds where they are buried.