Outside my Window ~ October 24

I have no idea what kid of butterfly this is. 
Fritillary, I think

44 degrees,
steam rising on what is left of my pond after the drought has just about sucked it dry, and 
out of the corner of my eye, I see this

bird, which looks strangely like a gull
but not really, but yeah it does.  Anyone? 

Randoms ~ October 21

Walk with me


I stop at the barn, and say hello to Daisy & Minnie.

{fenced in}
Can't help but laugh at this little piggie,
who had to stay home from the fair because she didn't weigh enough
So she retaliated by tumping her feeder over and
creating a mess, as if to say- "take that!"

I say goodbye to the barn animals
and pick a path into the woods

This one looks interesting today.
walk softly and carry a big stick,
in case you run into one of these

because you will run into one of these- it's that time of year.
Also, make a point of talking to yourself, so as to scare off
any wild critters...like skunks, armadillos, possums, mountain cats, coyotes
or maybe even a

bear!  No, just kidding.
I think.

Maybe I'll take the beaten path back to the barn

I'll leave you with my prediction for winter,
with seeds from my persimmon tree:::
Fork, Spoon or Knife?
one of each? (I can't tell) all from one tree.
Ummm, YES, we will have winter this year.

and a touch of {fall}
from outside my window

and last, but not least....
Happy X 3 _ Three Good Things 

The election is only 18 days away. 

My granddaughter Haley placed 7th with her show goat at the state fair 

My mom is able to take car trips now, and this is such incredibly good news to me
She has really had a rough go lately...every step forward makes my heart so happy!!

What makes you happy this week? 

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Dakota Blue

Dakota Blue, checking me out as I try to sneak up on him for a better shot.
I'm just too noisy!

Hope you are all having a great first week of FALL!!! or whichever season it is now for my Canadian and down south friends. I will be off blog for a few more days- my mom has been sick and is in the hospital, but doing much better today. I'm missing checking up on all my blog friend's posts, but I'll be around soon.  
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Thank you all for the kind thoughts and much appreciated prayers for my mom.