1.  A new road, a new fence, and a new flag- seen during a drive in the country with my daughter and granddaughter.

2.  My cousin marked himself & wife safe for a facebook safety check during the recent bombings.  Thankfully, touring in the country, but not at the airport when it happened. 

3.  Arkansas Game and Fish are excited about a sighting of a rare bird in our area- the Swallow Tailed Kite- usually a coastal bird.  I would love to see this bird soaring, but I am wondering why it is not in it's normal area.  


4. Pretty bright yellow weeds always catch my eye.  I have no idea of name...I thought maybe Jerusalem Artichoke, but the leaves don't look right to me.  

5.  Little Man, checking out the bottle of skin so soft I am about to rub on him to ward off these horrible horse flies.   Nope, not having any of that, so he went without this night.  Mark got him the next evening, though.   

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Good Fences ~ June 23

I don't think I have shared this before, but if I have y'all just pretend it's new!  :) This barn and fencing are located in Old Washington State Park, Arkansas.  I love the barn, too.  Can you imagine having to whitewash or paint the picket fence? 

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