Say Cheese!

Jack is the coolest mule in town- or so he thinks.

Random News.. 

It's back to school time around here, and five of my six grands went off in good spirits after posing for their obligatory "back to school" pic.  Jack thought he could cheese with the best of them, except he didn't get any new clothes..poor guy. I think he would look stunning in a bright yellow vest with green leggings...don't you? 

Liam (grand number 6) just turned four (Happy Birthday Kiddo!) and will be spending his days playing super hero and entertaining mom while his brothers are in school.  

I was wondering the other day- whatever happened to that red stuff we used for cuts and such when I was growing up...Mercurochrome?  Well..if you were wondering too, here's the straight dope and thank goodness it didn't kill me because I was (and still am) the queen of owies. 

Doing a happy dance! It finally rained!! 

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