Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Those Places Thursday ~ 222 West Moline

This house will always hold precious memories for me.  Being in the military does not allow one to have a permanent "home sweet home".  Every summer we would come home to Arkansas, and visit both sets of grandparents.  This was my mom's home, and these two are her parents- my grandparents: Austin and Esther Nichols Albey.  The porch was where my papa used to sit and swing, and whenever the cousins came over we all gathered here..or if it was too hot, the back yard, under the sweet gum tree.  Behind that double window was the bed my sister and I slept in, and see that bush behind the car?  I remember a time when I had to go get a switch off of that bush for a swatting because I had misbehaved.  (I know it's a, misbehave?  Egads!) 

The monkey on my granny's back is my sister, and that's me on her lap.  This particular summer (1962) was when we had to stay here while my dad went on to the air force base at the  Panama Canal Zone.  My brother was about to be born, so we stayed in the states until he arrived.

Here is an earlier photo (probably in the 40's) of my grandfather laying on the porch..he was a charming character.
 He sang in a quartet and used to play and sing at dances.  He worked in a shoe factory all of his life. My grandmother worked also.  She was a nurse in a state hospital.

I found the house on google and it still looks about the same.  The number 222 is still on the eave but the swing is gone.  The houses on this street are different than I remember, but the elementary school I attended one semester is still there, and so is the ditch (we called it the creek or crik) that we played in building rock dams and coaxing crawdads out of the mucky bottom).

They say you can't go back, but I can  close my eyes and walk through this by room..I can see the furniture, the walls, the pictures, the black phone on top of the bookshelf, (Edgewood 7 was the prefix of the number..can't believe I remember that!)  So many memories.

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