Randoms ~ Friday 3/17/2017

It's Friday, which doesn't mean much if you don't work or have kids to get off to school, but isn't it funny how Friday just always lifts your spirits, even it is means the same old, same old?

My search for a new camera is frustrating me.  The only camera store in the big town does not "sell" cameras.  Now, I know- you're wondering why, just like I was when I walked in and asked to see their cameras.  But apparently, having the name "camera" in your business name does not mean that they actually sell cameras.  This very same store sent off one part of my broken camera (the lens) and kept the main camera (the part that is flashing "error", "error") and told me they didn't realize the camera had an error (image stabilization something or other) so they didn't send it off.  But they did send off the zoom lens which was going to cost about 40 bucks less to to fix than to buy brand new...so they sent it back.

That's my camera story.  If anyone can point me towards a good camera that is under a thousand bucks, I would literally hug you through outer space.  My head is spinning from investigating all the web sites."pick this one, no pick this one!" It's not like I'm wanting the moon, just a good camera with a good zoom lens and an eye viewer (I can't stand holding my camera way out in front of me and looking at the whatever it is called.  I'm blind as a bat anyway.  I want a camera that does not prevent me from clicking the photo in macro, just because it wants to be a pain in the patootie that day.   I'm looking at Nikon D 7200.my husband is looking at something called Sony HX 400 50x.   We shall see,   I've had Olympus, Sony A57, Cannon 3.3 pixel digital and a Nikon power shot.  The Sony a57 is the latest and worst of all of the previous cameras.   Any thoughts?

My Thursday thanks is all for my mom, who continues to make me laugh and we have had some good ones this week with me trying to change her clothes and almost pulling her flat out on the floor from her wheelchair.  I promised her I would make sure she landed on top of me instead of vice versa.  She is doing well with pt, but we still don't understand what is going on with the cancer that has disappeared from her body.

For more randoms...what do I do with a cat that won't stop meowing about her food all day.  I divided it up into two feedings a day and I swear she sits and stares at her auto feeder for two hours before each feeding, just whining away like she's starving to death.  The vet gave her a steroid shot...I have no idea why he thought that would help...(she works herself up into a frenzy and then pukes all her food up as soon as she gobbles it down).  Any thoughts?  I don't know what to do.  The last time I free fed her, she gorged until she puked and then did it again until the bowl was empty.  She's 10.

Blessings to you all, and I hope that your troubles are few and your health is good.

The above photo is from before I fell on my camera and broke it.   Sheesh.

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A {nose} is a nose except when you are talking about a turtle, who has no such a thing. 
except for bumps under their chin.  HMMM. I better read up on that a bit more.

Today is Thankful Thursday with Michelle and because I feel the need for a smile I will say that I am thankful and happy that my nose is where it's supposed to be. 

Still waiting on return of my camera.  Hopefully next week. 

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Thankful Thursday

If you follow me on instagram you may remember this shot.  It was made the day I fell and broke my camera.  I took this one with my cell phone. 
I'm thankful that I had this day out with my husband, because he has become my calm in the  storm of my mother's illness, and for my sister, who is sharing the caregiver needs- I do not know what I would do without her. 

Thankful also today for friends and family who are always here for me.   I pray that I am as good a friend to them as they are to me.  

I don't know what is going on with the weather, the jonquils are blooming and the robins are flocking and the temps are just plain weird.  I'm just going to be thankful for that right now because I love the splashes of color.   
Y'all have a great weekend!