Wood A Could A

Just a couple of shots of here today, gone tomorrow.

The firewood that was a tree will be burned to ash, and the stump is slowly losing it's bark. The beauty of the spider lilies is already gone..they don't last but a week or two at most around here.  

This Week, Through the Lens

There is that moment, just before the sun gives up and sinks below the horizon...if you are quick and have your camera ready, you can capture the clouds soaking up the very last of the sun's energy.  And then it's over..the clouds return to gray. You think to yourself- I will never see that again, but you will.  

 This is someone's driveway off of the highway that I travel frequently.  I can't tell..is it supposed to be Sasquatch?  What a fun sense of humor!  It definitely catches your eye as you drive by, so being  nosy, I just pulled on in for a closer look.

Tiny details..
  It makes me happy that I have learned to see things so differently- ordinary weeds become beautiful works of art in my eyes..but were always exactly that..
I just never noticed.  

Last, but not least..

My husband (who is a diabetic) just completed a 102 mile ride for the
ADA Tour de Cure on Saturday. This is the selfie that  he sent me right before the race.   I am so proud of him.

It's been a week of happy discoveries, special moments, and fantastic accomplishments &  full of things to be grateful for.  I'm sharing these with you 
and with Kim at: 

Brought to You By the Letter M

Hello Mr Pig...I knew you when. 
I guess you can take the mud off the pig, 
but you can't take the pig out of the mud

This is McSquizzy
My daughter rescued him.
He just opened his eyes last week. 
She took this photo. 

A Luna Moth I found last fall.
I had never seen one before & 
didn't  know they only lived a week.  
He looked pretty ragged and beat up, 

I bid you adieu
by the light of the Moon