Friday, February 14, 2020

Foto Friday 5

Still Standing

This photo is almost ten years old, but Spigner's Grocery store is still standing today.  It's a bit worse for age nowadays, but not much different than this.  Every time I pass by I wonder how much longer it will stand.  Someone was a very good carpenter back in the day. 
About to Die

HP has informed me through a pop-up that my desktop computer is nearing the end of it's productive life.  
 Good thing life doesn't have pop up death notices,
I would live in fear.
But then does give you warning signs. 
Speaking of getting old

It's time for Medicare.  I want to send a special shout out to every Tom, Dick and Harry insurance company for stuffing my mailbox with reminders about it. 
My nurse friends are yelling "don't get this and don't get that" and I am so confused.  I don't know why this has to be so hard.  
A Nod to the Present

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sharing randoms with Tom today


Elephant's Child said...

Some one was an EXCEPTIONAL carpenter. And someone else took a most excellent photo.

Nancy J said...

Happy Valentine's down here too, and our local florist had bouquets, bunches, arrangements and more of very expensive flowers, one had about 10 roses, some greenery cellophane and ribbons and was a whopping $140.!!! Goodness knows if it would be sold today. and some very thoughtful men coming in by themselves, and leaving with bunches of red roses. We will wait till Monday and celebrate for our wedding anniversary another whopping 58 years together.

eileeninmd said...


Do you think they are sending this notice to let you know it is time to buy another one of their computers. I see a lot of commercials on TV about Medicare, which one do you get? Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Brian King said...

What a beautiful old store! Kinda nice it hasn't been torn down yet.

Chatty Crone said...

I am on Medicare and I appreciate it - but a lot of trees have died over it!
Happy Valentine's Day!
It would be interesting to have gone to that old store in its day.

Kelly said...

Oh, gosh.... I burst out laughing at your pop up death notice statement!

I dread the whole Medicare business. My husband seemed to get it figured out pretty quickly, so hopefully he'll help me.

Arkansas Patti said...

Sounds like it isn't going to die but that they are going to kill it. Mercy.
Love that old building and am impressed someone hasn't torn it down to put in a parking lot. Boy if it could talk.

Nancy C said...

There's an old general store about 2 miles from our farm that's in a little better shape, but about as old. So neat to see those old buildings. Thanks for stopping Terri. Nice to "see" you!

Buttons alias Grace said...

Happy Valentine's Day Terri. That store is awesome. Imagine the stories it could tell. Hugs B

Tom said...

...I LOVE Spigner's Grocery Store, just the kind of thing that hope to find. My Apple computer is vintage just like me, but it still works just fine. HP only wants to sell you a new one. I signed up for Medicare years ago and now my mailbox is filled with hearaid ads, I just say 'HEY!' Thanks for stopping by, I hope that you are having a lovely day.

Connie said...

Great photo! I bet that building could tell a lot of stories if it could talk. Good luck with figuring out Medicare. I'm not there yet, but I will be in a few short years. I'm not looking forward to that at all. Happy Valentine's Day!

Tanya Breese said...

That little old shop is beautiful! Love it...and I like your vday display!

Ruth Hiebert said...

That old building has certainly seen better days. I agree, i really don't want a pop up notice telling me that I'm about to die. I want to be ready all the time and then live life to the fullest.

Rose said...

I love that old building....I often comment on somebody being a good craftsman when I see old buildings falling apart, but their roof line is still straight and true as well as their corners.

Hootin' Anni said...

I loved seeing this old building. So much history I'm sure. I'm choking over the pop up death notice. Like you, imagine living in fear that today may be the day. Cuteness for Valentine's.

Bob Bushell said...

Beauty lasts a great time, excewllent photo.

Sandra said...

will send you email about medicare. been dealing with it 18 years. if you have questions email me.
about the HP, they are trying to scare you into buying new. my HP desk top warned me many times. it is now 10 years old and still working great . you are right about our bodies giving out warning signs. when I got up today I felt like my warning were of the dire nature. after I did the floors I felt better. motion is lotion, exercise helps. I love that old building. I wonder if the bars were on it when it was a store or if they were added to protect it.

Debbie said...

that's a great photo and the barn is beautiful...and how in the world is it still standing? i think barns were built with different standards back in the day and that's why they are still around!!

as for medicare, i will give you a little advice. your town, almost every area has a senior services help center. i would find them and make an appointment, they will do all the work for you. that's what i did when i went on ss disability. they will help you with everything, your part b, and your prescription. i was so glad i did that. i go back every year during open enrollment and they check everything over and i usually have to change my prescription, they help me to find a plan that covers my medications. they're great!!!