Monday, December 4, 2017

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

...outside my window

beautiful sunrises


happy 40th birthday to my daughter
she has the sweetest soul
this was taken around 1979 
and that's my papa ( her great grandfather) she's stealing sugars from
I miss him

....out in the barn

Hmm, someone's getting a little
 chunky around the waist. 

...under the tree

Katie has found her spot

...the back forty

Little Man giving me the stink eye because I had no treats. 
 Dakota wasn't too happy with me either. 
It's been a sad two years- we've lost Ticker, Grady and Jack.  
Dakota and Little Man are the lone rangers now, and 
both getting long in the tooth. 
Dakota is now the leader of the herd, 
but Little Man is a stinker so I expect him 
to try to take over soon.  
You can read more about him here
sharing with Mersad's Through my Lens


  1. Hope you enjoy this holiday season with your dear ones & all those cute critters!

  2. ...I like what is outside your window!

  3. Hello, gorgeous sunrise. Happy birthday to your daughter. Love the goat , kitty and pretty horses.
    Enjoy your day and week ahead.

  4. Loving the glimpses and the love encapsulated in these photos.

  5. As your photos show, it’s the time for remembering and for making new memories. I like seeing all the critters.

  6. Happy birthday to your daughter! Your photos are beautiful today. I especially love the sunrise. That last photo does look like you’re getting “the stink eye”. Next time you better remember the treats. Ha ha! I hope you’ve had a lovely day my friend. Blessings, Betsy

  7. Lovely pictures, filled with memories past and present.

  8. That is the sweetest picture. Happy Birthday to your daughter. I love that black horse!!

  9. Your animals are gorgeous! The sunrise is gorgeous. And I love the cat in the tree.

  10. Love all your pictures, especially the cat under the tree.

  11. That is such a sweet photo of your daughter and your papa! The view outside your window is not too tough to take, either - wow!

  12. Oh, I love the one of your daughter stealing sugars from her grandpa! I love the sunrise, but oh, your daughter steals my heart. Happy Birthday to her!

  13. I agree, there is so much love in every photo, and in your words. Yes, we miss the ones no longer with us so much. I hope the memories will override the loss.

  14. We don't like to talk about getting "chunky around the waist" at our house. Love this little glimpse of life at your house. May you have a truly blessed Christmas.

  15. Happy 40th to your daughter! Gosh they get old fast! :)

  16. LOVE all your critter pics, so sweet, sorry for your loss. Happy 40th to your daughter, a milestone in my life and a happy one... before 40 I was miserable after I have been very happy

  17. Those years slide by, lots of festivity around you

  18. You really have the most marvelous eye and camera abilities. Happy 40th to your daughter. Special shot you have of her and her grandpa.
    Thanks for my goat fix--I miss my little clowns.

  19. That photo of your little girl and her grandfather is priceless!

  20. What a beautiful sunrise, Terri. I saw some gorgeous ones in my town at Thanksgiving. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Her and Nel are around the same age. What a treasured picture this is of her and her grandpa. The horse picture is wonderful. I have a thing for horses and love seeing pictures of them,
    thank you.


  21. Wonderful pictures. I enjoyed seeing them all. :-)

  22. Beautiful sky Terri -- and that is an absolutely wonderful picture of your daughter and her grandfather!!! Your dad looks like he had a sweet soul as well -- and I am absolutely sure that the generation between the two of them does too!
    ..... Love reading about the lives of your animals -- they each have such a distinct personality!

  23. Christmas will be here in just a short 20 days.....oh wow, it has really came around fast this yr.. I love sunrise (don't see them often- retired, sleeping in) and sunsets. Tennessee has some of the most beautiful sunsets starting in the fall in to winter. Love the colors of yours.

  24. Lovely photos...and Happy Birthday to your girl.

  25. The sunrise is so lovely! And my favorite is of your Katie enjoying the season. Such beautiful, dark lighting.

  26. So lovely to see all of your photo's, that sunrise is beautiful.

    All the best Jan


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