Thursday, October 20, 2016

Randoms ~ October 21

Walk with me

I stop at the barn, and say hello to Daisy & Minnie.

{fenced in}
Can't help but laugh at this little piggie,
who had to stay home from the fair because she didn't weigh enough
So she retaliated by tumping her feeder over and
creating a mess, as if to say- "take that!"

I say goodbye to the barn animals
and pick a path into the woods

This one looks interesting today.
walk softly and carry a big stick,
in case you run into one of these

because you will run into one of these- it's that time of year.
Also, make a point of talking to yourself, so as to scare off
any wild skunks, armadillos, possums, mountain cats, coyotes
or maybe even a

bear!  No, just kidding.
I think.

Maybe I'll take the beaten path back to the barn

I'll leave you with my prediction for winter,
with seeds from my persimmon tree:::
Fork, Spoon or Knife?
one of each? (I can't tell) all from one tree.
Ummm, YES, we will have winter this year.

and a touch of {fall}
from outside my window

and last, but not least....
Happy X 3 _ Three Good Things 

The election is only 18 days away. 

My granddaughter Haley placed 7th with her show goat at the state fair 

My mom is able to take car trips now, and this is such incredibly good news to me
She has really had a rough go lately...every step forward makes my heart so happy!!

What makes you happy this week? 

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  1. You have a lovely place to walk. I am also glad the election is almost over.

  2. It is the small things in life that make me happy. I go out every day and enjoy the world around me, always finding treasures with my camera.I spent A week at our state fair and every day came home hungry for good food. I showed a few critters and got a 4th place with a sheep.It helped sell his brothers and sisters. I had fun just chatting with all who came through the barn.

  3. That path through the woods looks like a pleasant place to walk, although, I'd prefer not to run into any of those wild critters that you mentioned. I enjoyed your photos. :)

  4. I love love love the beaten path. would love to see the pig and the goat. good news your mom is doing better. and congrats to Haley. maybe you should carry 2 big sticks.ha ha

  5. Hello, love the goats and would like to see more of the piggie. The walk looks like in a great spot. The Fall decor is cute. Great news about your mom! Happy Thursday, have a great day!

  6. ...and my prediction for winter, is that we will have it!

  7. Piggy is too funny! I loved that photo of the beaten path through the trees! Glad to hear your mom is doing better!

  8. A beautiful place to walk. We have lots and lots of berries this year, the geese flew south early this year and the squirrels have been squirreling nuts away like crazy. Everyone is predicting a harsh winter. I hope "everyone" is wrong! Love all of your photos.

  9. Thanks for taking me on this wonderful walk with you.

  10. Walking back in an avenue with tall trees for shelter and shade, perfect. Little goat, what fun. Good news for your Mum, as we get older ( says she who speaks from experience and maturity!!) all good things for recovery take longer.

  11. Those paths through the trees make my heart happy.

  12. I liked seeing the goats, and that looks a very nice path back to the barn.

    All the best Jan

  13. I'm happy that we're closer to the presidential election and this nasty business will soon be over.

  14. Oh I love the places you get to walk! My dog and I would be out all the time!

    Love your pictures!

  15. I thought my car was giving me trouble but I seemed to fix it. So that's what made me happy this week. I HATE car trouble

  16. Loved walking with you - and am so glad your mother is doing better.

  17. 'tumping' made me laugh. yup, that's a southern word, for sure, but it sure as heck fits! :)

    sweet goats, but that 'fave' is awesome!

  18. You have a lovely place to stroll there. I always love to see other folks walking paths :)

    Around here, the acorns are smaller than usual, so the old farmers are predicting a milder winter... guess time will tell.

    Oh.. the elections... boy, oh, boy... what a circus this has been.
    All I can say is, heaven help us.

    Glad you're mom is doing better; that's fantastic!!

    Have a great weekend.

  19. I enjoyed your walk photos! I posted some earlier in the week and mine included a big spider web, too. :) I plow through at least one every day. Ugh! Always makes me think of my friend who would shout 'Home wrecker' any time she walked through one.

  20. awww- poor little piggy who had to stay home! Good thing that bear is wooden - we've seen real ones while hiking, but fortunately from a distance (eek!). It's great that your mom is making progress. Thanks for the walk!

  21. Oooooooooooooohhhh... that beaten path is gorgeous!!!

  22. It's not a bad idea to make a little noise in the forest.

  23. Enjoyed the walk and boy does that beaten path beckon. Just lovely. Don't ya hate a spider web in the face? Wonderful news about your Mom!!

  24. Such a lovely walk! I love the sweet goat video!

  25. Very nice posting, Terri. I'd stop at the barn too if I could have some loving like you showed. Your walking place is pretty. We messed with some pecans on our walk this morning (a bit of it on my post).

  26. Gorgious place to walk and my favourite sht is the tall tree adn the straight path through them.

  27. Your goat made me smile. How lovely about your mom. Gah - spiderweb. Yuk!

  28. Hello!:) Your favourite walk through the line of trees is lovely. I laughed at your piggy having a tantrum, and smiled at your goat enjoying the petting. The carved bear would look great in my garden,...I want one!!:) The corn dolls are sweet, and colourful shares. Many things made me happy this week, making a blueberry pie for my daughter in law's birthay, and shopping for her present. Rainfall, as we really needed it, and most of all my husband's latest cancer results are more encouraging. I'm glad your mom's health is also improving.:)

  29. Beautiful walk, and showing it, great photos.

  30. So thankful for the improvement in your mom. Love your photos. That spider web is huge! Today is one of our coolest days so far. God bless your weekend.

  31. i loved how you spoke about your mom, so very sweet!!! i also love that path, looks like a great place to enjoy the outdoors!!!

  32. I enjoyed your walk with special surprises.

  33. What a wonderful land you inhabit, the paths in and out of the woods just inviting us to enter and stroll with nature...pigs are ver smart animals, so an escape was a well though out plan. Love the bear, a bit friendlier than most bears we may encounter in our travels. Very disarming :)

  34. I love the photo of the beaten path to the barn Terri. Your way of predicting the winter weather is interesting to me. It sounds like we'll both have the same weather, according to the 'predictors' known as meteorologists. lol We've had it easy the past 2 winters so I guess we're due a wintry blast and snow. Have a nice weekend. Pam

  35. Hello Terri, stopping back to say thank you for linking up and sharing your post. I like the cute goat video and the piggie. The bear statue is great. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  36. I'd love to walk that path! I'm so hoping our winter will be mild, but haven't yet heard any predictions. We're still having nice fall days and no frost as of yet. Good news about your mother! What will make me happy is when the election is over...well, only if my candidate wins. :) Take care and Happy Sunday to you!

  37. congrats to haley and wonderful news of your mom's progress! loved the cute video and that tree lined path is gorgeous! thank you for the tour! made me forget about the election ;) have a great week ahead terri! p.s. a friend of mine from missouri posted the same thing about the persimmon seeds!

  38. yes I am certain we will have winter! Good to hear your Mom is out and about! Yes soon the mud slinging will be over and the trees worth of paper that shows up in my mailbox:)

  39. Love your beautiful woodland path! It's not fun to walk into a spider web - gives me the shivers just thinking about it! Wishing you a great week ahead. x Karen

  40. That little piggy has such a cute little tail. Loved that tree lined path shot.

  41. What a beautiful walk! Love the fall out of your window and the path through the woods. Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week!


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