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Moment in Time 
Friday, May 13
7:32 a.m. 
Peaceful reflections
& heavy pollen, which is causing my 
sinus headaches

The yard finally dried out enough to mow.  
Apparently, this fella did not appreciate the
 loud noise or the whirling blades. 

A not so great shot of a scissortail, 
a rare visitor here...maybe once every year or two. 
(I'm sure they are out there...I just don't see them) 

I was almost involved in about three wrecks Friday as one after another person either
A) pulled out in front of me or 
B) turned across the lane in front of me or 
C) darted out across two lanes and a turn lane in front of me
I declared Friday "crazy, lunatic driver day", 
but most likely it was 
"totally distracted, I'm in a hurry day".
I feel blessed to have made it home, alive. 

Speaking of crazy driving...
in a passing lane situation
where two lanes merge into one-
do you
A) stay in right lane until it becomes one
B) merge to left lane when sign tells you to? 

Inquiring minds would like to know because I am definitely "B"
and nine times out of ten, some speed demon will come flying up on me in the right lane, or 
the one in front of me will stay in the right lane and I can't pass but have to slow down waiting for him/her to scoot over.  I must be doing this wrong. 

Mark and I attended my niece's college graduation yesterday.  So proud of her! 
Shout out to all the hundreds of folks who arrived at 2 o'clock for a 2 o'clock ceremony, to the lone dude three rows down rocking his man bun, (which fascinated my old fashioned self), and to the people who (as aforementioned) arrived late and stood right behind my seat, hovering over my head. 
No worries, a fantastic, beautiful day for a graduation. 

Go, Jacie, you are going to be a wonderful & caring radiographer! 

Quote for the week
'Don’t underestimate the value of doing nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering'
.........Winnie the Pooh

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  1. Hello, Terri! I do not often see snakes in our yard, thankful for that. You do have a neat visitor there, I also love the Scissortailed Flycatcher. Congrats to your niece! I like the Pooh quote! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  2. seeing a snake like that would not be good for me

  3. I merge and always get my doors blown off.

  4. I like the reflection and the bird...the snake not so much.

  5. Beautiful reflection, lovely words, crazy traffic, we have them down here too, those mad drivers who cannot wait for time or man, and congrats to your niece, the quote was so me yesterday, a Sunday when I didn't do much at all, well really anything at all.We all need days like that occasionally. Have a great week ahead.

  6. You had me at snake. Not a big fan of them if for no other reason lack of experience with them.

  7. Nice snake, a big one it looks.I laugh at impatient driver who make their own rules. I wonder how many tickets they have accrued or accidents caused.

  8. I love that peaceful pond picture. That sure is a large snake! Eeeek. Glad you didn't get hit on Friday with all the crazy-in-a -hurry drivers out there. As for lane changes go with "B". You are correct. Have a great week ahead Terri.

  9. I hope your sinus issues settle. Quickly.
    I am glad you were safe on Totally Distracted Friday - and congratulations to your niece.

  10. Don't get me started on crazy drivers.Being a school bus driver,I think I've about seen it all.I get very frustrated with people who don't know how to obey traffic rules and drive with care.

    1. We just had a driver hit a school bus a week or so ago...he also hit students that were getting on the bus at the time. Very scary.

  11. Snakes alive, fantastic Terri. I love all of them.

  12. Don't mind looking at snake here but not in my backyeard although that is NEVER going to happen here as there are NO snakes in Ireland! Love the bird and the reflection

    1. I am officially jealous..no snakes? I would love that.

  13. That looks like a fairly large snake! Hopefully too big to squeeze under the door ;-)

  14. Snakes! Ick! They all terrify me. Sorry about the bad traffic but I'm very glad that you survived all of those close calls. I'm definitely in the same camp as you. Merge when the sign says too. I get highly irritated by drivers who think they are more important and in more of a hurry than anyone else. They cause so many close calls. Believe it or not I had one do it to me not more than an hour ago.

    1. I know exactly how you feel. There are just certain types of drivers that always want to be at the front of the line.

  15. Beautiful reflections on the water. I can't blame the snake! I wouldn't want to be out there with the mower, either. Love the scissortail. That sounds like Friday traffic here, a good day to stay home! LOL I'm with you on B, but apparently the other drivers are everywhere.

  16. There are days I feel the same about other drivers. Where are their brains?

  17. Yuck about the snake and almost being in those wrecks!

  18. Re {1}

    I don't have the headaches but do much sneezing and blowing at certain times of the year. But I don't have allergies. They did the test, and I don't have them. So what gives?

    1. I don't know but that definitely sounds like allergies to me. I am allergic to weeds, pollen and some grasses...among other weird things like cockroaches in chocolate. You may not be allergic, but you are probably sensitive to certain allergens if the symptoms coincide with spring pollen or summer grasses.

  19. Beautiful photos...sorry about your allergies...hate that snake...love the pretty bird...
    and our town has the worst drivers in the world. I, like you, breath a sigh of relief when I get home in one piece. :)

  20. Boo to the snake, but yay to the water and scissortail and congratulations to Jacie!

  21. Sure love the reflections ♥
    Michelle ♥

  22. Beautiful water reflection photo, Terri. We have never seen a snake in our back yard, and I hope we never do!! Sorry to hear about the crazy drivers you had to deal with. It can be dangerous out there.

  23. Beautiful pictures and it was crazy driver around here too. My son said the same thing on his way to work too.

  24. i love your random mutterings and i love the Pooh quote.. great shot of your slithering visitor.. i love to see them moving sideways at high speed, fascinating. we have black snakes in the yard. when i am on a road that i know is going to merge to one lane, i get in the lane that doesnt merge and power on.... i have had so many near misses lately it is scary. bob came home and said in 2 miles he almost had 2 wrecks. people are driving so agressively on our neighborhood streets, not highways but through neighborhoods. scary world.

  25. I'm moving to Ireland !!! Anyplace with NO SNAKES would be heaven to me.

  26. It was Friday the 13th which might have had some bearing on the crazy drivers. I follow the signs like you and often have to slow down for the intruder. Fortunately I always pad extra time into my trip for such inconsiderate sorts.
    Loved Pooh's thought. Perfect.

  27. OK, not a fan of your snake:) Crazy drivers oh yes we have them here in the cities of Canada too. Glad you are safe. Take care and enjoy the good stuff try to get through the rest that is my motto these days;0 HUGS B

  28. Love your first photo ... not sure about the snake though!

    Congratulations to your niece on her college graduation.

    All the best Jan

  29. Oh, my! I am so glad that you are okay. Well done post, my friend. I love the photos.

  30. Ugh...snakes. Not my favorite creatures! We have some crazy drivers here too. Most of them just can't wait a few seconds, they have to pass on hills or in curves. Makes me want to follow them home and give them a piece of my mind! Heck, they even drive too fast in parking lots! I thought I was going to get hit by a car zooming through a walking zone last week.
    Congrats to your niece...that is a big accomplishment!

  31. As my kids say that I say 'what is this?! National Bad Driving Day!' - seem it may have been an international thing!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  32. "Man Bun". Lol. Some guys can pull it off, most can't. Have an awesome week, Terri!

  33. Sorry to hear about the allergy issues. I can certainly relate. Beautiful reflection!

  34. A snake ... brrr. But the bird is beautiful.


  35. ooooh you gave me a good chuckle!! your graduation commentary was so funny and happens so often no matter where you go!!

    i don't drive (seizures) but i want to so badly. the hubs is the speed demon and i have given up on yelling at him ;)

    first image, gorgeous!!!!

  36. Love seeing your emerging spring. We just drove home from the west coast. I'm glad to be alive! Where are people going in such a hurry?

  37. I choose B, like you. But please don't get me started on head-hoverers, manbuns or snakes!

    Congrats to your niece. :)


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