Pines Bough to the Ice

Little Man, Grady & Dakota aren't too happy about it either. 

And now it's time for another random week round-up with Nancy

Waiting for the other shoe to fall
Two full weeks of sleeping through the night...after months and 
months of midnight awakenings..something must be wrong with me

Six ways from Sunday
Have tried every lotion in the cabinet- finally started using  
straight Vaseline for my hands-
even with a humidifier going 24/7 this house is too dry and 
my hands were starting to feel like sandpaper. 

Would rather go to the dentist 
It's tax time.  It's pull out all the receipts and 
get the calculator warmed up and actually use my brain
and yea..I'd rather go to the dentist. 

Knit 1, purl 2
Buttons has inspired me to seek out my knitting needles. 
My afghans are about twenty years old and full of holes. 
It's time to make a new one..or two. 

Read all over again
Lorena McCourtney
Just finished # 3 in the Ivy Malone series
"On the Run"  

I hope you all had a fantastic week!


  1. That's an amazing photo, wintry beautiful, and I enjoyed your random five. Have a great weekend :)

  2. I know that the icy limbs and needles are treacherous, but what a gorgeous background they make for your photo!

  3. I would rather go to the dentist too but i finished the most of it last week:) Sleeping through the night is a very good thing yeah for you.
    I am so happy to know you will be once again knitting afghans I look forward to seeing some, hey I inspired someone that is nice my Mom would be happy she needs the credit not me:) Thank you:)
    I use Vaseline too sometimes the old things seem to work better:) Have a nice knitting weekend:) HUGS B

  4. you go with your knitting needles! yup, buttons is crazed! :)

    loved your title. i have to do some research for our taxes this year and it frustrates me to no end. grrr...

  5. I would love to be able to sleep straight through. Hasn't happened in years. Good for you! All of my tax items are in order, ready to go. First time ever I didn't wait until April to do that. Enjoy the weekend. :)

  6. Cute post title! I'd rather do taxes. I have to go to the dentist tomorrow and I am a nervous wreak already! Have you tried glycerine and rosewater for your hands? Try some at bedtime and wear cotton gloves overnight, works like a charm.

  7. Cool picture, though I know this can be hard on the trees. They sure do look sad.
    I sleep like a rock, might not if I went to bed at a reasonable time... I usually have approximately five hours of 'dead to the world.'
    My whole body looks like it has dandruff, it is so dry. Nothing seems to help more than a few hours.

  8. I am sooooo ready for some all night sleep and i can relate to the dry house skin reactions...I feel itchy all the time and i have a heel i could sandpaper a chair leg with. Good to be reminded of the taxes...i need to get our stuff together. Better to get it done now and enjoy the sunshine of late March and April.

  9. Post subject line... Cute play on words...

    Mmmm, yes, ice covered boughs are scarey. Poor horse-ies. I don't like ice covered branches or wires, myself.

    Re-reading books. Yes! I'm doing the same. I love it. More fun, the 2nd time around. No matter if the subject isn't really a fun one. It's the re-reading, that's the fun part. Enjoy!

    My hands get dry in cold weather too. For years, I've used the hand cream my (pharmacist) son makes. Now, he isn't going to make it any more. -pout-

    Gentle hugs,

  10. Oh, yes! The dreaded taxes. I need to start on ours this week so I can get them to the accountant. The dentist is just a half place above taxes. Oddly enough, my tax person and my dentist share a building! I hadn't made that connection until thinking about your comment. But my favorite tea shoppe is across the street. Talk about opposites!

  11. YES!!! The dryness in the house is splitting the wood in the antique furniture!! I'm pour the wood oil on everything - like you with the vasiline on your hands. When I take off my flannel night gown it snaps, crackles and pops when pulling it over my head. My hair stands straight up!! I tap the light switch because of the static. I try to pet Augie and you hear the static popping!!
    Lovely photo, but poor horses!! I'm shocked that the pines aren't snapping under the weight of the ice!! You're lucky!! Yes - we have two humidifiers going!!

  12. Beautiful wintry photo - and yes, I think we just received the last of the Tax documents in the mail that we'll now to get at it!

  13. Hope those limbs don't break onto the horses.

    1. They are at least fifty feet away from trees, but it is always a danger with pine. I don't know if you can see in pic, but limbs had already snapped. It was like a gun battle for awhile here with all the cracking noises.

  14. I would much rather go to the dentist than work on taxes too--ugh!!

    Ice on tree branches can be both pretty and damaging depending on how heavy it is. Nice picture!

  15. Terri,
    The Hubby decided the house we too dry. This week we have been boiling water on the stove like crazy. We have a corn/pellet stove and it can get dry. No matter how much hand cream I use, my hands are sandpaperish.

    We have the dreaded tax appointment tomorrow. I do most of the bookwork throughout the year and it is J's responsibility to make sure we are ready for taxes. Good luck with your tax prep.

    Knitting and reading sound like good ways to weather out the cold.

  16. How great that you are sleeping well.

    I recently discovered Dermasil lotion, which I found at the Dollar Tree. It is the best I've found for getting rid of the itches, particularly on my back after a hot shower!

  17. What's your secret to sleeping all through the night? Wish I could do that!!

    I'd rather get a pap smear than go to the dentist! And I do need to go, but they scare the bejeebers outta me.

    Hope that ice isn't too heavy and melts soon. Nice photo!

  18. Goldbond is my lotion of choice. And thanks for following!

  19. Ahhh, sleep. I usually fall asleep as soon as my eyes close and wake up in the morning wondering if any time has passed! I bought a homemade hand salve at the farmers market a month ago and it has healed my cracked thumb really well. Buttons is indeed an inspiration. Good luck choosing colours for your afghan.

  20. That's a pretty photo. I would say our weather is perfect for staying indoors and knitting. Hope you will enjoy the weekend.

  21. My hands are dry too from using all the hand sanitizer. Dry hands or get sick; not much of a choice. With winter sticking around for another 6 weeks you have plenty of time to get that new Afghan completed. I look forward to seeing the completed project!

  22. That's a pretty scene with the horses.

  23. I'm glad you're sleeping through the night. For some unexplained reason, I wake up about 4:00 every morning. It's puzzling. Any suggestions.

    The only thing I know about Afghans is that they are large dogs. But their hair is long enough that you could probably card it, spin in, and knit with it.

    The pine tress look beautiful! I cannot understand why the horses are not delighted. Maybe you need to give them overcoats.

    And I do hope the season is not too taxing.

    Blessings and Bear hugs, Terri!

  24. Terri, pretty shot of the horses. The pines are lovely too. This winter has taken a toll on my hands too, the vaseline works on my hands and lips. Have a happy weekend!

  25. I think I lost my comment! I love these posts and may have to join in here when I get back home. I haven't slept through a night since I was 7. Enjoy!

  26. I would rather gets my taxes done.

  27. I have been thinking about our taxes too -- likely will wait till the last minute. :(

  28. The ice on the pines is beautiful! The ice damaged several of our pines, breaking off rather large branches.

  29. Feb. 8th

    In this morning's post, I linked to your other blog, "Genealogy Junkie"..... Saying how lucky you are, to know all this information.


  30. I'm impressed that you've taken out your knitting needles. Mine are still in the closet. Maybe next week. ;)

  31. It is tough finding something for the hands.

  32. Tax season. Such dread. Your trees look pretty though! :D
    xo Catherine

  33. Good luck to you and your endeavours.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  34. I wish I could find a good lotion that isn't greasy - my keyboard is getting slippery :) Pretty winter scene with the horses. xo Karen

  35. Yes, this is a good time to take out those knitting needles and read a good book, doing taxes...yurk!!

  36. it's amazing how risilient pines are isn't it?!

  37. You are so cute! Dry hands, I hate them!

  38. Good Morning Terri! Man I hate to see that ice!!!! It just does such damage to the trees. I don't know what I would ever do if I slept through the night.. !!! My fingers were cracked and bleeding before we left for vacation. I love the idea of knitting. I think it would be very relaxing. Oh and I am not a beach person either as in laying on a beach towel cooking. I like to walk early morning and evening and just smell the ocean. I can't take the heat amymore since menohhhhhhhhhpause.. : )


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