Boat Dock Reflections


Unusually quiet at this boat dock.  
I liked the bright colored reflections.  

Facebook Nation says that certain fast food restaurants
 were/are using ammonium hydroxide to make otherwise inedible
 meats...well...edible.  A- I am bummed I get so much of my news from fb & B- EWWW, GROSS!!
Or maybe that should be vice-versa. 

My granddaughter just got her first job. 
 Last night she texted a photo of her first payday cash..
then she came over and showed it to me in person. Very proud of her for wanting to work!

I remember my first job- sacking groceries in Goose Bay Labrador
 at the AF base commissary-
way back in the 70's.  Wow that was ages ago! 

I'v watched almost all of the Tour de France & I have laughed hysterically at some of the  fans..and honestly..I can't believe some of the crazy things they do.  Guess all sports have likewise. 

sharing with

The grandson of a dear friend of mine was injured in a truck accident last week.  He has a severe head injury and although there have been a few good signs (opening his eyes, holding up his arms, tears) he is still fighting for his life.  If you pray, please add him to your list, his name is Brandon- thank you! 


  1. Wish you would have told which fast food place that was....I wouldn't eat there anymore!

    Isn't it wonderful when your kids decide they want to work on their don't have to make them? Both my boys did that, but my daughter? I drove her up to McD's and told her I wasn't leaving that parking lot until she got out and applied for a job. She finally went in and came out crying....she got the job. She worked there 3 years and had a blast. The reason I made her go in was she was wanting a Dooney and Bourke purse for $150 and the most I had ever spent on a purse was $20, so if she wanted something frivolous like that, she was going to buy it. Not only did she buy that, but she bought her own car. :) She did good.

    My first job was in 1972 at the Dairy Queen....loved it! I think everyone should have to work fast food so they would appreciate those hard working fast food workers....and then maybe they wouldn't be such pigs, leaving their trash, dropping food all over the floor and squirting ketchup and mustard on the wall. Just sayin.....

    Knew a boy in jr. high that was in a wreck and was in a comma with sever head injuries for maybe a year....came out of it and lived a normal life....graduated a year late, but was just fine. Prayer works miracles. I will pray for Brandon.

  2. if that info from FB is true... that is so gross. i wonder. have a cool weekend. ( :

    i will pray for Brandon. lots & lots of prayers.

  3. i read very little on FB and believe none of what i do read...
    most of it is just not true... people making up things to email and post. i also delete all forwards. unfortunately i am thinking this might be true since the fast food taste like rubber now
    i love that photo and that is the kind of place i love, NO PEOPLE...

  4. Love the colorful boats and the reflection. Prayers for Brandon and his family and friends.

  5. That water looks wonderful, reflections too. Prayers on the way for Brandon!

  6. First my prayers are with Brandon, my thoughts are with the family.

    Congrats to your Grandaughter that is wonderful. My first job was cleaning other peoples toilets:) but I was proud of the money I earned. My second job was fast food which I ate a lot of Oh yeah GROSS now that you told me that:)

    LOVE LOVE the reflections in the water.
    Take care .B

  7. Terri -- I lived in Goose Bay in the 60s and two of my sisters were born there! Small World!

    Lovin' the colorful reflections my friend. xo

    1. Wow- how cool! It definitely is a small world!

  8. i am sorry for your friend's family! bless him and them.

    congrats to your granddaughter! on her way to independence! love the reflection shot!

  9. I am praying for Brandon.

    I love that reflection pic. I remember my first job too and what I bought with my first cash...a winter coat (I did not need it, just wanted it!)

  10. Said a prayer for Brandon and his family. The stacked boat's with reflections is nice. I love water shots of any kind. The colors in your photo are nice a vivid. I am sweet your granddaughter shared the pride of her first pay check with you :) My first job was babysitting.

  11. Beautiful photo! Can't beat that reflection!

    Way to go for your granddaughter! You must both be so proud!

    I am praying for Brandon!!

  12. My first paying job was at a resort in the late 50s. I had to mow, do laundry, and clean cabins. I hated it!

  13. Love your reflections photo. My first job was in medical records at a hospital. Good for your grand-daughter! I can't believe the fans at the Tour deFrance. Do you think, if they realized how stupid they looked or how dangerous they make the ride for the participants that they would quit ... probably not! Fun 5! Have a great week.

  14. I will pray for Brandon and his family. Please, if you are able, post updates on him.
    Yuck on the fast food info...I am sometimes shocked that the food industry feels they have to add so many additives--preservatives, coloring, flavoring, etc.--when organic/natural foods don't and they often taste better.
    LOVE photos (and paintings) of water reflections--so peaceful!
    My first jobs were clerical (paid--but by my dad), work study (non paid, teacher's aide)and as a nurse's aide. Oh I picked strawberries too--but they fired me because I was a HORRIBLE worker in the summer heat :)

  15. Congrats to your granddaughter. That first paycheck is a wonderful thing. It provides a feeling of power and confidence.
    I just said a prayer for Brandon. Let us know how he is doing.

  16. Oh that is such a great capture - I love the color and the reflection! sandie

  17. Beautiful photo! Love the reflections...
    Thanks for bouncing over to my blog. :)

  18. Beautiful photo of all those reflections/colors. Epitome of a quiet summer day!

    And yes, i will pray for Brandon.

  19. Prayers for Brandon, Terri... How sad is that. Hope he makes it.

    Love your reflection photo--with all of the colors... Neat!!!

    It's wonderful when young folks are willing to work. These days, so many of them (and other adults) just want to live off of the Govt...

    Have a nice weekend.

  20. I said a prayer for Brandon and his family. May God strengthen them.

    Lovely photo with the reflections! I love the peaceful look of it.

    That's great about your granddaughter! My first real job was as a cashier at a department store. Before that, I did babysitting and gave piano lessons to a neighbor.

  21. Beautiful reflections photo! My first job was as an Avon lady, going door to door selling make-up, age 18. Can't believe how dangerous that would be now! Praying for Brandon. Head injuries are so unpredictable. Let us know how he's doing . . .

  22. Oh I like your boat dock reflections too. - Looks very peaceful.
    Congrats to your granddaughter on her first job. - My first job was in the summer at age 11 when I picked strawberries. I did that for 8 summers, through my Senior year in High School.

  23. Beautiful reflections lovely. How lovely to hear about your granddaughter , bet she's happy.
    Prayers for Brandon keep us posted.
    Enjoy your weekend

  24. I love the boat reflections! Ewwww on the fast food. There was something a few months back about hamburger in the super markets and pink slime - another ewwww! I'm sending prayers for Brandon - I'm glad that there have been some encouraging signs.

  25. What a pretty place. Makes me miss my kayak.

  26. Awesome picture indeed... I'd to paddle, with this summer heat : that would be so refreshing...

  27. Great reflection and beautiful colours!

  28. Prayers for your friend's grandson.

    Great image that you have shared.

  29. My first job was picking strawberries as a 6th grader at a local farm back in the day :) Now they use migrant workers and would probably be arrested if they used kids! :)

  30. Nice shot Terri! So sorry to hear about the young man... God' blessings and Healings to him...

  31. I enjoyed the reflections photo and your random five. Congratulations to your granddaughter!

    Prayers for Brandon here. So sorry to hear this news.

  32. Sorry to hear about Brandon. Will pray.

    Good for your granddaughter getting her first paycheck.

    Lovely photo with the reflection of the boats in the water.

  33. Terrific photograph - I love the blurry red and blue reflection in the water.

    My first job, at the age of 16, was as a clerk in the candy department of an S & H Kress department store. We were allowed to eat the candy and, for the first few days, I was a little sick in the evening when I went home!

    My post is at:

  34. Hi Terri ~~ Lots are praying, I will pray for Brandon also.
    Congratulation to the granddaughter on her first job. First jobs are eye openners.
    Our daughter and friend from Houston ran down to Paris yesterday to watch the Tour closing activities today. We didn't see her on TV but she texted pictures of stuff before it started.
    Thank you for peeking in on my GD's 4th BDay stuff and for your nice comment. Sorry I'm late in returning to you here.

  35. Ah yes our first job(s)... that's a flashback.

    Paperboy, dishwasher (sucked at it and got promoted to busboy), Pack-boy in a grocery store, pumped gas, McDonald's, and logging all between the age of 13 to 19.

    Sorry to hear about the young man. He is in GOD's hands now.

    Lovely photo, Terri! Has a calming affect on me.


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