Vacation Photos ~ Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park 

View of the smoke rising from the 
 High Park Fire near Fort Collins, Colorado

Elk rest on the side of the mountain
(smoke in the background)

 So many blurry shots, grrrrrr!
(time to buy a better camera)

Mushroom Rocks

Fire one direction, snow the other

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  1. These are gorgeous, Terri! The scenery is just beautiful. I love the elk photos!

  2. Beautiful scenery and photos. I love the elk. I hope they are able to put these fires out, it is really sad. So much loss. I enjoyed your photos, have a great day.

  3. My boys were supposed to start their vacation at Estes Park today, but I have a feeling they will be headed to South Dakota instead.

    Hope your vacation wasn't ruined by the fire. Lovely photos, Terri.

  4. Wonderful pictures...I believe those are the same two elk we saw last year. They probably have staked our the site. RMNP is such a beautiful place. Will be there in just 3 wks!!! Hoping all the fires will be under control by then!!! Cathy

  5. Just beautiful! The mushroom rocks intrigue me. Fun!

  6. Wonderful shots. You must be vacationing? I hope the elk are safe.

  7. beautiful animals and rocks. the fire is horrendous, all those homes and the animals that live there.

  8. how wonderful to see the elk. sure hope they can get those fires under control soon.

  9. Gorgeous views! I've always loved it out west most of all other places... I wouldn't mind vacationing somewhere tropical, but I'd LOVE to live in the mountains! Great Elk shots, too! =)

  10. Hi Terri, We were at RMNP last June --and loved it. We hope to go back soon...

    Sad about all of the fires though.. Makes me cry.

    Great set of photos.

  11. Beautiful shots. The CO fires make me so sad. so much destruction!

  12. Incredible pictures!

    How is it that there can be snow on the ground the same time that there is fire?
    Why, just a few weeks ago, we had another freeze, and yet this week, the entire state is on fire.

    You certainly visited some beautiful country.
    Thanks for sharing !!

    Smiles :)

  13. Great elk shots. Hope that fire is out or close to it. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  14. Love the photos and the elks - I hate to see the smoke in Colorado! Sandie

  15. wonderful series! I love seeing the elk...I live in NH and occasionally am honored to see their wide antlered cousins.

  16. looks gorgeous! elk are cute :3


  17. WOW! Such gorgeous scenery. I love the elk pictures.

  18. I hope you are safe there. Those fires are awful for man and beast.
    Enjoy that snow. It was 111 here today. You got out in time.

  19. love the rock formations and the Elk, what wonderful photos!

  20. So hard to believe - the fire and the snow, so close.

  21. Such beautiful photos..God's creation, didn't He do a great job!
    Like Gramma's House blog

  22. Thanks for sharing your photos. We have friends and family that live near the fires, so we are praying, with everyone else, for an end to this. I like the elk pictures.

  23. Those mushroom rocks are fantastic. I'd love to see those up close!

    So sad to hear about all the burning in Colorado! I continue to prayer for rain for all the poor souls suffering in this heat and drought!

    Thank you for linking for the letter 'F'.

    Sending you fond wishes for a fantastic 4th of July for you and yours this year.



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